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  1. So good to see this sweet baby boy!!! He is going to be as handsome as his sisters are beautiful!!!
    We will continue to pray for these new believers trusting that the Lord will bring them along to full maturity.
    Give Paige and the family our love.

  2. Beautiful pictures! What a great blessing from the Lord! And so glad to hear that baby Roman and Paige are doing well. God bless you all!

  3. Chris,
    congratulations to you and your family! What a beautiful baby. I see a little blue around the collar, so maybe it’s a boy? Please give your parents my love.
    best wishes
    Holly McCreary

  4. Wow what a blessing! So excited for you all! Thank you for allowing us to pray alongside of you and your beautiful family. May the Lord bless each of your precious children – may He watch over them and continue to keep them safe and may they have hearts that are on fire for Jesus and spreading His Word!

  5. Roman and the girls are absolutely beautiful! Congrats on another sweet blessing! 🙂 So glad to hear that you are all doing well! Miss you!

    Manny, Kathryn, Mia, Emma, Immanuel, Anyah, & Elainah

  6. Congratulations! Wonderful to see the photos of the children. Cherish the time given.

    Grace & Peace, Corey

  7. I can hardly believe you guys have 3 kids now! Where did the time go. It really seems like yesterday that you were sitting around our dining room table. I love the Roman Josiah! A testimony right in a name!

    The kids are beautiful. A gift from the Lord. Love, Grace Ely

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