Science as God’s gift

Biological_Microscope Many of you are aware that some in our family are having digestive problems and have been for quite some time.  Therefore we have been studying a lot about health, nutrition, diet, and common digestive problems and what effect they have on the rest of the body.  Studying these things has been enjoyable, and I’ve also been able to make more use of my college major; Health Science.

Several of the books that we have read left Paige and I very impressed by the author that wrote them, and thankful for their contribution to health and wellness.  God has designed the human body so detailed and specific, it is amazing the things that scientists have learned.   

While thinking through these things, I came across John Calvin’s thoughts on Science as God’s Gift in his Institutes of the Christian Religion.  It is a great passage reflecting on the good things that can be found in those outside the Church.  May we all be thankful for the gifts of God wherever they may be found:

Whenever we come upon these matters in secular writers, let that admirable light of truth shining in them teach us that the mind of man, though fallen and perverted from its wholeness, is nevertheless clothed and ornamented with God’s excellent gifts.  If we regard the Spirit of God as the sole fountain of truth, we shall neither reject the truth itself, nor despise it wherever it shall appear, unless we wish to dishonor the Spirit of God.  For by holding the gifts of the Spirit in slight esteem, we contemn and reproach the Spirit himself.  What then?  Shall we deny that the truth shone upon the ancient jurists who established civic order and discipline with such great equity?  Shall we say that the philosophers were blind in their fine observation and artful description of nature?  Shall we say that those men were devoid of understanding who conceived the art of disputation and taught us to speak reasonably?  Shall we say that they are insane who developed medicine, devoting their labor to our benefit?  What shall we say of all the mathematical sciences?  Shall we consider them the ravings of madmen?  No, we cannot read the writings of the ancients on these subjects without great admiration.  We marvel at them because we are compelled to recognize how preeminent they are.  But shall we count anything praiseworthy or noble without recognizing at the same time that it comes from God?  Let us be ashamed of such ingratitude, into which not even the pagan poets fell, for they confessed that the gods had invented philosophy, laws, and all useful arts.  Those men whom Scripture [1 Cor. 2:14] calls “natural men” were, indeed, sharp and penetrating in their investigation of inferior things.  Let us, accordingly, learn by their example how many gifts the Lord left to human nature even after is was despoiled of its true good.

Institutes of the Christian Religion II.II.15


Ice Cream Hot Dog

One of the best treats in Thailand is an ice-cream hotdog.  There is a guy that sells ice-cream on the side of the road and when I drive by, I just can’t resist.  It’s only 28 cents too!!  Hot dog bun, add sticky rice, then ice-cream with the flavor of your choosing, corn (who would have thought!) and then splash some coconut milk on there.  It is so good. 




Who owns what?

I’ve noted before on this blog about the generosity of Thai people.  I’ll say it again.  They can’t be outdone.  If you seek to give someone something, you better believe they’ll give you something right back.  In my mind I sort of keep points.  Every time they do something for us I give them a point and then I try to get the score back to even, at the least.  Well, that is not an easy task at all.  They just won’t let me do it.  The other day I bought a chocolate drink for the neighbor kid, and then I turn around and there I receive two mangos in return.  I’m not sure from where exactly, but I suspect it was from the mother of the kid.  Who knows.

The idea of ownership is completely different.  Often we see kids in America, and sadly Hannah is sometimes this way, hoarding their belongings and getting upset if someone else plays with their toys.  In our experience here we just don’t see that in the children as much.  That community mentality is much much greater, especially when it comes to food.  Sharing is ingrained in who they are. We are learning how to share better, and to be more generous.  But it does take time.  Here is Hannah playing with the neighborhood scooter.  It’s pretty cool.




Early Christmas Present

We received an early Christmas present from a woman in our neighborhood that we don’t even know.  Paige was out walking with Hannah and Molly and was admiring a plant that one of our neighbors had.  Well, the woman who lived next door to that house then gave two of the same flowers to Paige.  I remember reading somewhere, concerning the Thai people’s generosity, that you need to be careful what you admire because they might just give it to you.  And so in addition to gaining a nice flower, we also learned a lesson in giving.

And so we bought some pots and some dirt and now we have a couple young, but soon to be very pretty plants.


Hannah’s checking out the new flowers.  I hope they grow fast.


Enjoying some more of the neighbors flowers.


I think we’re going to get one of these for Christmas to put in front of the house.  It’ll give us some shade too.

Night Markets are great!

Night market


 Night markets in Lopburi open around 430pm and stay open late.  There are dozens of vendors that wheel their carts to the night market street and offer all sorts of different food.  You can take the food to go or just eat it there.  It is cheap and tastes great.  America needs these.